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Wills With Guardianship Clauses

We have a set very low Will fee to provide a service for young families as we have young single parents, divorcees, rental home residents and young families working within our own team and we took a corporate decision to provide advice and affordable access to Wills with Guardianship clauses included, due to the importance for young families to make Wills, when it isn’t always considered a necessity.

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Your Children

Often, young parents do not consider it a priority to make a Will because of all the additional costs a young family presents, and with less time and opportunity to earn money, and family time overrides working overtime. Even if you do not own your own home, if you have a child then a Guardianship clause in your Will is the most considerate thought for any young parent (whether it be a single parent or couple).

The clause is essentially a simple paragraph that is inserted into a Will that provides the name and address details of the chosen Guardian, naming them as the person who will take over parental responsibility if something happens to you. Furthermore, the clause can be made conditional, for example, you may wish that the Guardian is only appointed if they are under a certain age or own their own home. Other considerations can also be made, so please get in touch with our expert team for more information.

How A Guardianship
Clause Works

If there is a surviving parent with parental responsibility then the clause will not come into effect when you die. However, if something happens to both parents or you are the last surviving parent, then the clause will be used to indicate the person that you want to take care of your child/children.

If there are no surviving parents and no Guardianship clause then the courts will decide who will be appointed Guardian of your child. Pending the decision, in some cases your child may be placed in foster care or an orphanage, depending on the circumstances.

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