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Wills With Guardianship Clauses

We have set a very low fee for Will writing to provide a valuable service to young families. This decision was influenced by our own team members, who include single parents, divorcees, rental home residents, and those with young children. Recognising the importance of Wills with Guardianship clauses, we made a corporate decision to offer affordable access and advice, as young families often overlook the necessity of making Wills.

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How Guardianship Wills
Protect Your Children

A Guardianship clause is a simple paragraph in a Will that provides the name and address of the chosen Guardian, designating them as the person who will take over parental responsibility if something happens to you. This clause can also be made conditional. For example, you might specify that the Guardian is appointed only if they are under a certain age or own their own home. However, as there are various options and considerations to make, please contact our expert team for more information.

Often, young parents do not prioritise making a Will. Whilst this can be down to many reasons, it is typically due to the additional costs of raising a family, limited time, and navigating work-life balance. Nonetheless, having a Guardianship clause in your Will is crucial if you have a child. Not only does it ensure they have reliable future care, but it also reduces legal complications. It can also give you peace of mind should anything happen to you.

How A Guardianship
Clause Works

If there is a surviving parent with parental responsibility, the clause will not take effect if one parent dies. However, if both parents die or there is only one surviving parent, the clause will specify who will take care of the child or children.

If there are no surviving parents and no Guardianship clause, then the court will decide who will be appointed as the Guardian of a child. They may be placed in foster care or an orphanage depending on the circumstances while the decision is pending.

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You can name any adult you trust who is willing to take on the responsibility. This is typically a friend or family member. They must be over 18 years of age.

Yes, you can name multiple people in a Guardianship Will. You can also name an alternative Guardian in case the primary choice is unable to fulfill the role.

Yes. You can revoke a named Guardian by legally updating your Will.

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