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Will Writing

Did you know that writing a Will is not just a task for the elderly? Life is impossible to predict and making provisions for the future is always a sensible route to take. Our team of Wills, Trusts and Probate specialists are here to help you protect your assets for the future and your loved ones.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, contact our experts today.

Will Writing

We advise our clients to create a Will and update it in line with any major life events that could affect your assets when you die. Milestones that include getting married, purchasing a house or having children will affect your Will, which is why is it vital to keep it up to date with your wishes. It will give you peace of mind and put your loved ones in a better position should anything happen to you.

If you should die intestate (without a Will) then the law dictates who receives what assets you own. In addition, making a Will can also reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay, which therefore affects how much of your estate you will leave behind.


Our Will and Probate experts can provide you with trusted advice, especially if your circumstances are not completely straightforward. Complications can include:

You can discuss your situation with a specialist to write the most suitable Will for you. Our services include everything from who benefits from your Will, who looks after your children, and who you would like to be your Executor.


  • Providing financial security your loved ones
  • Appointing Guardians for your children
  • Making gifts of possessions and money 
  • Specifying wishes for your Funeral
  • Paying less inheritance tax
  • Choosing who should deal with your estate as Executors
  • Avoiding inheritance disputes 
  • Making arrangements for your pets

Yes, we can. It is very important that your Will is kept in a safe in a secured location.

De Rossi Griffiths can ensure your Will is kept safe and secure, providing you with peace of mind.

Yes, a Will can be contested for the following reasons:

  • Lack of due execution
  • Lack of testamentary capacity
  • Lack of knowledge and approval
  • Undue coercion

This list is not exhaustive. If you believe the Will of the deceased person does not represent their intentions, contact us for further information.

A person who has made a Will.

An Executor is the person appointed by a Will to administer the Testator’s estate. The deceased’s property is vested in their Executors; however they will normally need to obtain a Grant of Probate from the Court. This is to prove the Will and confirm their right to administer the estate. An Executor may also be a Beneficiary under the Will.

A Trustee is a person that has a nominal title to property that they hold for the benefit of one or more Beneficiaries. Trustees can be individuals or corporate bodies. They are not entitled to profit from the Trust, and they have a wide range of powers and duties to carry out. They include a duty to act equally between the Beneficiaries and a power to advance money to them. Different to the Executor, who has a duty to administer the estate, the Trustee is the custodian of specific gifts for specific Beneficiaries, like a child under 18, a disabled Beneficiary or in some instances a Beneficiary who may have other life issues such as alcoholism or a drug problem and their access to money needs somebody trustworthy to manage this on behalf of the deceased individual who managed the same during that person’s lifetime. The reason they are called Trustees, is because they have been entrusted to do something. A Trustee of the Will can also be the Executor and they can also be a Beneficiary of the estate and of the Trust they are a Trustee of.

A person who dies without a Will is intestate. The deceased may also be ruled partially intestate if the Will fails to deal with the entire estate. Intestacy Rules govern how the estate is distributed and you may be surprised on how your spouse and children are provided for. Click on the next FAQ explaining the Rules of Intestacy to see the flowchart explaining the rules.

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De Rossi Griffiths

We can help you write a Will that will safeguard your loved ones and protect their future with the precautionary measures you wish to make. Get in touch with us today to start the process.

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