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Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Our team are here to help you plan for your future. By appointing an Attorney through an LPA, you can be assured that your best interests will always be considered, for your personal, health and business interests. Lasting Powers of Attorney for Health & Welfare or Property & Financial decisions ensure you do not get financially frozen and have a voice for important care decisions, or even a graceful and natural death without being kept alive with little to no life quality.

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Health & Welfare LPA

This will give your appointed Attorney the power to make decisions about things like:

Property &
Financial LPA

You will need this LPA to give your Attorney the power to make decisions regarding money and property on your behalf. These decisions can include:

With your permission, your LPAs can be registered immediately or await until you have lost capacity. Also, if you are a business owner you should consider an LPA as this will permit your Attorney to manage your business interests when you are unavailable or lack mental capacity.

Arrange Business
Lasting Powers of Attorney

There are a number of reasons why you should take the steps to appoint a business LPA as without one in place, certain risks can arise. For example:

If there is currently no business LPA in place, an application should be made to the Court of Protection to have a deputy appointed. We are here to help you throughout this process.


A Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) is a special kind of Power of Attorney which allows you, the Donor to select someone to act on your behalf and to make decisions for you if you lose mental capacity. There are two types of LPA, one to deal with your Property and Financial matters and one to deal with your Health and Welfare.

The ‘Donor’ is the person creating the Lasting Powers of Attorney. The person giving instructions to give consent for other people or organisations (the Attorneys) to act on their behalf, when the time comes that they need assistance to manage or are unable to manage their own matters.

Having mental capacity means having the ability to make and communicate your own decisions.

As soon as possible! None of us know what the future holds, therefore it is best to make certain that your wishes are set out sooner rather than later. An LPA does not have to be used straight away but by ensuring it is in place helps prevent delay in dealing with your affairs if and when it becomes necessary.

If you lose your mental capacity at the time a decision needs to be made, and you have granted Powers of Attorney to anyone (or you did appoint Attorneys, but they can no longer act for you), then the Court can appoint someone to be your Deputy.

A Deputy is appointed by the courts after mental capacity has been lost.

A Deputy application is more time-consuming and costly than making an LPA, so it is always advisable to make an LPA whilst you still have mental capacity. The fee for a Deputy application to the Court of Protection ranges from £365.00 and can cost up to £5,000.00 and there are Solicitors’ costs for preparing the application and notifying interested parties of the application. 

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